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Website speed is an essential factor. If the website does not load quickly, the clickthrough rating of the website will decrease.

And if the clickthrough rating drops, you won’t get enough traffic. The main target of a website is the visitor. So a plugin can be used to increase the performance of the website.

And that plugin is WP Rocket.

Using WP Rocket will improve your website performance. So let’s see how you can boost your website performance and get WP Rocket free.

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What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a WordPress speed optimizer plugin. WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress plugins among cache plugins.

The speed of a WordPress website is optimized using the WP Rocket plugin. Any category of people can quickly maximize website performance using WP Rocket to optimize a website’s speed.

Also, WP Rocket is the best plugin for beginners. Because WP Rocket settings are elementary to set up, anyone can easily set the settings with just a few clicks.

Currently, the WP Rocket plugin is helping to optimize the performance of more than 830K+ websites in the world;

  • Create cache
  • Optimizing web pages for speed
  • Compressing HTML, CSS, JS
  • Combination of JS and CSS files
  • Enabling LazyLoad etc.

The main advantage of the WP Rocket plugin is that even beginners can use it very easily.

WP Rocket License Type

WP Rocket has three types of licenses Single, Multiple and Agency. You can choose the plan as you like. WP Rocket provides support and updates for one year

  • WP Rocket single license allows the use of one website. It will be perfect for you if you want to take it personally for a website, as only $49 is available
  • The Plus license allows the use of three websites. If you have multiple websites, the Plus license will suit you. It is available for only $99
  • WP Rocket Unlimited license allows website usage. If you are a freelancer or if you have an agency, then unlimited support is perfect for you. Complete charges are available for only $249.

Get 20% off using the WP Rocket coupon code for ThePromoDeal users.

How To Use The wp rocket coupon code?

First, to get the most discounted WP Rocket plugin, you should visit the WP Rocket website through our link. Click on the “Get WP Rocket Now” button.

wp rocket coupon coode

Then you will see the WP Rocket plugin plan. If you are considering starting a website, I suggest selecting a single panel because the single board will suit you better.

However, you click on the “Buy WP Rocket” button after that.

wp rocket coupon coode parsing panel

Then you fill the form with your email address and name

wp rocket coupon coode bio info

Scroll down a bit, and you will see payment options. You can complete the order using two payment methods: credit card and PayPal.

Then enter the payment information. Visiting the WP Rocket website through the ThePromoDeal link will automatically activate the coupon code.

wp rocket coupon coode payment card information

If you are still unsure, then enter the coupon code we provided. Finally, click the “Place order” button if everything is done correctly.

wp rocket coupon coode box

How to Install and Setup WP Rocket Plugin

Are you a beginner worried about installing and setting up the WP Rocket plugin on your WordPress website?

No worries, today I will share this article on how to install the WP Rocket plugin and set it up at an advanced level.

First, download the WP Rocket plugin file from the WP Rocket website (use the link provided by ThePromoDeal to get the maximum discount on WP Rocket)

Then log in to WP Rocket Account and download it by clicking the “Download WP Rocket” button in the image.

wp rocket coupon coode download file

Now you log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then look down on the left side and click on the plugin option. Then click on “Upload Plugin” from “Add New.”

wp rocket coupon coode plagin upload

Next, you will see “choose file” click there. First, select the WP Rocket file you are downloading and install it by clicking the “Install Now” button.

Now the WP Rocket plugin will take a few seconds to install. After installation, a message will show whether the plugin is installed correctly. Then activate the plugin.

wp rocket coupon coode plugin installation

Now it’s time to set up WP rocket. But before that, you need to do some more work so go back to the previous plugin page. Then click on the “Settings” button

wp rocketcoupon coode dashboard

Also, ThePromoDeal is providing a JSON file for your convenience. Using this, you can easily set up WP Rocket Optimize. Click the download button below to get the JSON file

Features of WP Rocket

Google or other search engines prefer fast-speed websites more. So using the WP Rocket Cache plugin can load your website faster. Many features of WP Rocket are listed below

Page Caching

Website load is an essential factor for Google and other search engines. Because if your website doesn’t load slowly, your readers will feel bored.

So, Google will not rank your website if the readers feel bored. WP Rocket Cache feature will generate static HTML files of your website. It then caches the pages for future visitors. Files are thus stored in the browser’s local cache memory.

File Optimization

How long your website will take to load depends on the number of file uploads.

WP Rocket is a plugin that will optimize files uploaded to your website. Will optimize and minify CSS and JS files.

Also, JS will load deferred files after loading HTML and CSS files.

Another critical point is that you can delay the JavaScript files to reduce the load time to execute the JavaScript files. Then you can visit ( ) or ( and see (LCP – Loading Performance) and (FID – Interactivity).

Media Optimization

Images are the main reason behind the slow loading of a website. So with WP Rocket LazyLoad, you can load your website faster.

Because LazyLoad will load the images according to the user’s needs. LazyLoad keeps images “off-screen” until users need them. So WP Rocket creates separate cache files as required.


The function of preloading is to create a cached version. Preloading detects and preloads a sitemap-based cache from your website’s home page.


Database feature easily cleans your site of excess posts, comments, and transients, resulting in faster loading of your site. 

WP Rocket has a dedicated set of options and can schedule cleanups.


A CDN is a content delivery network that helps your website hosting server load faster for visitors. WP Rocket itself allows the use of custom CDNs.

But if you use a CDN for your website, WP Rocket will let you connect to the dashboard in a few clicks. And this configuration will automatically provide the best speed results for your website.


Cloudflare integration, Varnish Cache, and Sucuri integration with just a few clicks

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers About WP Rocket and WP Rocket Coupon Codes

1. I have no coding skills. Can I use this plugin?

Yes, you can easily use the WP Rocket plugin without coding skills. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily optimize your website speed and performance with just a few clicks

2. How many discounts Can I Get Using WP Rocket Coupon Code?

20% off new license and 50% off renewal using the wp rocket coupon code

3. What are caching plugin alternatives without WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is one of the most popular WordPress Cache Plugins.

Since you’re looking for Cache Plugins other than WP Rocket, I recommend Cache Plugins like WP Fastest Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, and NitroPack.

Because all these plugins provide excellent website performance and fast speedup at a low cost, their support systems are great.

You can get great discounts on WP Fastest Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, and NitroPack by using ThePromoDeal WP Coupon Code.

4. Does WP Rocket provide any trials?

No, but if you are unsatisfied with the WP Rocket plugin, you will get a full refund after 14 days.

However, how to set up Wordfence security plugin and share in deep article. You can see the article if you want

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