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Superdocu lifetime deal review document and file management

Your pile of paper, email threads, and contact details will only get bigger as your business grows.

A centralized place to store files and information so that so can lose essential data from your customer providers or employees naturally in your inbox.

You need a platform to collect files and automatically follow up for missing information if something goes wrong.

Hello everyone, I will discuss the Superdocu Appsumo Lifetime deal Superdocu review with you today. So I was hoping you could stay connected with me and enjoy this article.

superdocu lifetime deal appsumo

What is Superdocu?

Superdocu is a secure platform that will collect your third-party data and place verifications and messages in a customized portal.

This Superdocu allows third-party file and data collectors to create onboarding workflows.

So, Superdocu will collect all the file information for small to medium-sized businesses and will be able to keep all the leads up to date later.

A Superdocu is a powerful tool that allows you to invite up to 100 people in seconds and then customize the list of documents and information required for each respondent.

Superdocu’s alternative is FileInvite which will get better benefits from FileInvite.

Superdocu Features

Document collection

Document management can be a daunting task for those who manage to run a medium business.

So with Superdocu, you can easily verify and reject documents with one click.

People you know will quickly receive notifications and will be able to re-upload documents at just the right time with just a few clicks. And that will help you export all your client documents in one click.

superdocu lifetime deal document collection

Form builder

Superdoku lets you create custom forms with just a few clicks and collect data from your contacts, suppliers, or employees.

After a while, data collection and management become complicated. So with just a few clicks through Superdocu, you can quickly approve or reject the data.

superdocu lifetime deal form builder

Branded client Portal

A branded client portal is a brand profile that promotes your client market.

Here you can customize your own brand identity. Private space is fully customizable.

So you can use your colors in your profile picture to provide your logo and the brand identity of the critical client.

And with that, you can also use subdomains.

superdocu lifetime deal branded client portal

Automated reminders

Automatic reminders define reminders in the form of missing forms or data.

Suppose you forget to send a document and need it quickly. And this is why Auto Reminder will help you a lot.

Because it will automatically send your forgotten document and find the document distance

You don’t have to do anything; you can do it easily with just one click.

superdocu lifetime deal Automated reminders

Zapier integration

Zapier integration is a feature that integrates another platform with its own. The Zapier feature allows Superdocu to connect to more than 2,000+ other web services

The Zapier feature allows Superdocu to connect to more than 2,000+ other web services.

And Zapier SuperDoc does not require coding to connect to any other web. It can be associated with just a few clicks—a straightforward process.

Each ZAP has a robust app as a trigger, from which your data comes in and causes multiple actions in another app, where data is sent automatically.


Security is the most critical issue. Your personal information, such as your name, phone number, and email, is stored in the Superdocu database.

A hacker will not be able to exploit it. Because Powerful Secure Languages power Superdocu

superdocu lifetime deal - Appsumo Plans and Features

Appsumo Superdocu lifetime deal Terms

  • Superdocu Lifetime deal access
  • Get all future Superdocu updates
  • If multiple plans are offered in the future, AppSumo customers will get the most tiered plan without any hassle.
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • No code, no hassle – choose your suitable plan.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade to the License Tier level.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Superdocu users who do not have an account
  • 60-day money-back guarantee anyway

Superdocu Features Included in All Plans

  • Team collaboration
  • Encrypted file hosting
  • Online form builder
  • Branded Client Portal
  • Document rejection, validation & expiration handling
  • Webhooks
  • Document request
  • API access
  • Zapier integration

Appsumo Superdoc Lifetime Deal Pricing Panel

The Appsumo Superdoc Lifetime Deal comes with two pricing panels. License Tier 1 License Tier 2 can purchase two panels one time.

One-Time Purchase of $49.00

  • All features above included
  • 5 team users
  • 100 active requests per month
  • 20 GB storage
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited reminders

How to get a 10% discount from the Superdoc Appsumo lifetime deal

If you are a new customer, a 10% discount is applicable. Follow the instructions below to get a 10% discount.

  • visit the Appsumo Superdocu lifetime deal page
  • Wait a few seconds. The discount popup will appear on that page.
  • Enter your email to unlock the discount page and receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a 10% discount at the end

Note: Lifetime deals are available in the market for a few weeks. So if you need any product, then process it now. We regularly update and review products with lifetime deals. Our recent writerzen lifetime deals

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