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Hostinger Web Hosting Review Features, Pricing, Server Speed & Uptime

Hostinger Web Hosting Review
Hostinger Web Hosting Review Features, Pricing, Server Speed & Uptime

If you are looking for the best hosting provider for your website, then Hostinger Web Hosting Review is the place for you. So, today we will share with you what Hostinger Web Hosting is, how it works.

Also, I will discuss the pros and cons in detail in Hostinger Web Hosting Review. Hope to stay with you. So let’s dive into Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger emerges as a commendable choice for hosting your website, boasting exceptional uptime and premium features at a surprisingly affordable rate. However, it’s worth noting that Hostinger’s plans may fall short in certain aspects typically associated with high-tier web hosts, such as dedicated hosting and telephone support.

Shared Web Hosting With Hostinger

Shared Web Hosting With Hostinger

Hostinger provides shared web hosting, a fundamental service similar to many other hosting providers. In this basic hosting tier, your website shares a server with other sites, collectively splitting the server’s cost and resources. This arrangement typically translates to cost-effective hosting. However, it’s essential to note that shared hosting, while budget-friendly, may not deliver the same level of power. Consequently, your site could experience slowdowns or become temporarily unavailable, especially if it, or one of its cohabiting sites, receives a significant influx of traffic, such as from a popular social media hit.

Hostinger offers three shared web hosting plans, all powered by Linux: Single, Premium, and Business. The Single plan is priced at $9.99 per month or $2.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $5.99 per month after the initial year). While Hostinger advertises a tempting $1.99 per month rate, this requires a four-year commitment. The Single plan accommodates a single website, providing one email account, unlimited monthly data transfers, and 50GB of solid-state storage.

Moving up the scale, the Premium plan is available at $11.99 per month or $2.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $9.99 per month post the first year). This plan allows the creation of up to 100 websites and email addresses, offering unlimited monthly data transfers and 100GB of storage. Additionally, the Premium plan includes a complimentary domain name and free WHOIS privacy protection.

The Business plan, priced at $13.99 per month or $4.99 per month with an initial one-year commitment (renewing at $11.99 per month thereafter), expands upon the features of the Premium plan. It includes valuable additions such as daily backups, the Hostinger CDN for enhanced site speed, and a generous 200GB of NVMe storage. Hostinger’s subscription options extend to two-year and four-year plans, presenting substantial discounts for those seeking longer-term commitments.

While these shared hosting plans from Hostinger prove to be a solid choice for a small business or local establishment looking to showcase its inventory, it’s worth noting that the Editors’ Choice-winning HostGator surpasses in providing superior shared web hosting packages suitable for a broader spectrum of users. HostGator stands out by offering a selection of Linux or Windows servers, along with unlimited email accounts and monthly data transfers at every tier of their shared hosting offerings.

VPS Web Hosting With Hostinger

VPS Web Hosting With Hostinger

When it comes to establishing a robust online presence for your business, opting for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a crucial step. This hosting tier surpasses shared hosting by providing your website with enhanced server resources, thanks to a reduced number of websites sharing the server.

Hostinger stands out with its array of four Linux-based VPS plans. The entry-level KVM 1 plan boasts 4GB of RAM, 50GB of NVMe storage, and 1TB of monthly data transfers, priced at $13.99 per month, with a discounted rate of $5.99 per month for a one-year commitment (renewing at $7.99 per month post the first year). At the pinnacle, the KVM 8 plan offers an impressive 32GB of RAM, 400GB of NVMe storage, and 8TB of monthly data transfers, available at $59.99 per month, or a reduced $21.99 per month with a one-year commitment (increasing to $49.99 per month after the initial year). Notably, Hostinger exclusively supports Linux-based operations, utilizing Litespeed servers for hosting functions.

While Hostinger’s VPS plans are commendable, our Editors’ Choice for VPS hosting remains Hostwinds. Hostwinds offers budget-friendly, well-rounded VPS packages starting at $4.99 per month, providing 1GB of RAM, 30GB of disk space, and 1TB of monthly data transfers. Their plans scale up to $328.99 per month, featuring 96GB of RAM, 750GB of disk space, and 9TB of monthly data transfers. Notably, Hostwinds provides Windows-based VPS options, including fully managed packages with a choice of either Linux or Windows operating systems.

No Dedicated Hosting, Yes Game-Related Hosting

Game-Related Hosting

Dedicated hosting stands out as one of the most potent forms of hosting available, placing your website on a server exclusively dedicated to its needs. This setup allows you to harness the server’s full power, making it an ideal choice if you anticipate high volumes of traffic. While Hostinger does not offer dedicated hosting, AccuWeb does and is recognized as the Editors’ Choice for dedicated hosting services. For detailed insights into AccuWeb’s exceptional dedicated hosting offerings, please refer to our comprehensive review.

Although Hostinger doesn’t provide dedicated hosting, it caters to gamers with specialized Minecraft hosting. The three available Minecraft hosting options start at $8.99 per month, or $6.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $9.99 per month in subsequent years). The entry-level plan offers a server equipped with 4GB of RAM and one vCPU hardware. This service allows users to install their own game mods, set rules, and enable in-game advertising. Hostinger’s Game Panel extends its support beyond Minecraft, also accommodating VPS services for Steam games, such as hosting CS:GO. For a comprehensive guide on building a Minecraft server, explore our in-depth story on the subject.

WordPress Web Hosting With Hostinger

WordPress Web Hosting With Hostinger

WordPress, renowned as the world’s most popular content management system, boasts simplicity and a robust ecosystem of plugins and themes, making it highly customizable—a key factor contributing to its widespread appeal.

Hostinger streamlines its WordPress offerings into three tiers: Premium, Business, and Cloud Startup. Although some names overlap with Hostinger’s Shared hosting plans, the specifications differ. The Single plan is priced at $12.99 per month or $2.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $6.99 after the initial year). It supports up to 100 websites, 100 email accounts, provides 100 GB of SSD storage, and offers unlimited monthly data transfers. The Business plan, available at $13.99 per month or $3.99 per month with an annual plan (renewing at $8.99 per month after the first year), enhances specifications and features. It includes 200GB of NVMe storage, the Hostinger CDN, daily backups, WordPress Command Line and SSH, object caching, WordPress AI tools, and a staging area. The top-tier Cloud Startup plan is listed at $24.00 per month or $8.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $19.99 per month after a year). This plan, the pinnacle of Hostinger’s WordPress offerings, accommodates 300 websites, a dedicated IP address, and priority support.

Hostinger facilitates a user-friendly WordPress experience with optimizations tailored for the CMS. An intuitive onboarding flow expedites site setup within minutes. Migration options, both manual and with assistance from Hostinger agents, are available for existing sites. A handy staging tool permits the creation and testing of pages before going live. Furthermore, Hostinger ensures seamless updates by automating core and security patches whenever WordPress updates its CMS. Notably, Hostinger incorporates a WordPress AI assistant, streamlining SEO optimization and content creation once your site is operational.

For more robust WordPress hosting options, consider A2 and Bluehost, our co-Editors’ Choice picks for small business hosting. For enterprise-class WordPress hosting, explore WP_Products Engine.

Cloud Web Hosting With Hostinger

Cloud Web Hosting With Hostinger

Cloud hosting represents a dynamic form of web hosting where your website is supported by multiple servers, allowing for real-time resource scaling without the constraints of physical server limitations. Hostinger addresses the need for robust website performance through its cloud hosting option, particularly suitable for those who require substantial muscle for their websites. While Hostinger doesn’t offer dedicated server options for enterprise-class businesses, its flexible and highly scalable cloud hosting tiers present a viable alternative.

Hostinger’s cloud hosting comes in three tiers: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Enterprise. Starting at $24.99 per month or $8.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $19.99 per month after the first year), the Cloud Startup plan includes 3GB of 2-core CPU, 200 GB NVMe storage, unlimited monthly data transfers, and random access memory. The Cloud Professional plan, beginning at $39.99 per month or $14.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $32.99 per month after a year), offers 6GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 250GB of NVMe storage. The Enterprise tier starts at $64.99 per month or $29.99 per month with a one-year commitment (renewing at $54.99 per month after a year) and features 12GB of RAM and 300GB of NVMe storage. Hostinger’s cloud plans include a dedicated IP address, a free SSL certificate, WHOIS privacy protection, and a capacity for up to 300 websites. Two-year and four-year plans are also available for these packages.

While Hostinger provides a solid cloud hosting offering, for those seeking truly powerful options, 1&1 Ionos stands out as the co-Editors’ Choice. With plans starting at $0.0056 per hour (with a maximum $4 per month charge) and ranging up to $0.44 per hour for a 24-core CPU, 48GB of RAM, 480GB of SSD storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers, 1&1 Ionos offers both managed and unmanaged options with customizable plans.

For smaller-scale sites in need of a less-demanding cloud hosting service, DreamHost is our co-Editors’ Choice. DreamHost’s plans start at $4.50 per month (for 512MB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers) and go up to $48 per month (for four CPU CPU, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB storage, and limitless data transfers every month. While DreamHost’s RAM and storage totals may not match those of 1&1 Ionos, users can opt for either Linux- or Windows-based servers, making it a versatile choice for various needs.

Reseller Web Hosting With Hostinger

Reseller Web Hosting With Hostinger

If you’re aiming to venture into the web hosting business without the hassle of managing infrastructure, reseller web hosting is a viable option. While Hostinger no longer provides traditional reseller hosting services, it introduces Hostinger Pro—an innovative solution featuring cloud-based hosting plans. These plans come equipped with an all-in-one Pro panel designed to cater to multiple client websites. Notably, Hostinger Pro aligns its features and pricing tiers with the Cloud hosting plans mentioned earlier.

For those seeking a more conventional reseller service, Hostwinds emerges as our Editors’ Choice in this category. Hostwinds offers an excellent option with unlimited storage and data transfers across all tiers, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly reseller hosting experience.

hostinger pricing plans

hostinger pricing plans

Hostinger provides a diverse range of hosting options, each tailored with unique pricing plans and features. As we delve deeper into the specifics of each plan, here are the initial affordable rates for the annual plans, accompanied by their corresponding renewal prices.

  • Shared Web Hosting: $2.99 per month (Renews at $5.99 per month)
  • Cloud Hosting: $9.99 per month (Renews at $24.99 per month)
  • WordPress Hosting: $2.99 per month (Renews at $5.99 per month)
  • VPS Hosting: $3.99 per month (Renews at $7.99 per month)

Choosing a website hosting solution can be a challenging decision. While Hostinger offers budget-friendly options, it may not always deliver the best value, scoring 2.9 out of 5 overall. In this article, we’ll break down the different hosting types and their included features, empowering you to make an informed choice and select the ideal Hostinger plan for your needs.

Setting Up a Website With Hostinger

Hostinger offers a range of options for website development, including its proprietary Hostinger Website Builder. This free tool comes packed with impressive features, including a logo builder, slogan creator, and a business name generator to enhance your website’s identity.

What sets it apart, however, are its cutting-edge AI-powered functionalities. The AI Writer crafts unique copy based on your chosen topic, while the AI Heatmap provides valuable insights into the elements that visitors are likely to focus on when exploring your site. Remarkably, you can even entrust the entire website creation process to AI through the AI Builder feature. In our tests, Hostinger Website Builder demonstrated its capabilities by generating respectable starter text. This tool not only showcases the potential of AI in content creation but also allows users to leverage AI-generated content and fine-tune it to align with their specific needs.

Hostinger E-Commerce and Security

Effectively monetizing your online presence necessitates powerful e-commerce tools, and Hostinger delivers an abundance of them. Through Hostinger’s auto-installer, you gain access to popular and essential tools like Abante Cart, osCommerce, and PrestaShop. Moreover, for those crafting online stores with WordPress, there’s a dedicated WooCommerce option seamlessly integrated.

When it comes to fortifying the security of your website, Hostinger provides a suite of tools tailored for that purpose. Notably, shared and VPS hosting plans come with a complimentary Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, crucial for establishing a secure connection between your website and a visitor’s computer—especially vital for those engaged in e-commerce. Hostinger extends the advantage of unlimited free SSL certificates to its clients. Additionally, Cloudflare protection is a standard inclusion across all Hostinger plans, shielding your site from potential threats, including DDoS attacks. This comprehensive security infrastructure ensures a robust defense for your online venture.

Terrific Customer Service

When facing an issue or simply seeking answers, Hostinger’s customer service team is readily available through 24/7 web chat support. Our experience with the support crew revealed them to be exceptionally friendly and informative, promptly addressing our test questions with relevant links. Notably, Hostinger’s customer support team stands out as one of the best in the web hosting arena, even surpassing the excellence of GoDaddy’s team.

However, it’s important to note that Hostinger lacks phone support. If you wish to connect with a human representative, your only option is through web chat. The company asserts that web chat is a faster and more convenient option for customers compared to phone support, which may not pose an issue for many users. On a positive note, Hostinger provides an extensive knowledge database that covers both common and uncommon web hosting queries. Additionally, the company offers a wiki that addresses a wide range of questions. Hostinger’s plans are backed by a standard 30-day money-back guarantee, offering a typical assurance for a web hosting service. In contrast, DreamHost extends an impressive 97-day money-back guarantee for shared plans, providing users with an extended period to explore their options.

Excellent Uptime

The reliability of web hosting is significantly influenced by uptime, a critical measure of a website’s availability. A website with consistent uptime is deemed trustworthy, while one with poor uptime becomes inaccessible and unreliable.

During our two-week testing period, Hostinger demonstrated itself as a dependable web hosting service. Notably, our test site remained consistently online without any downtime throughout the entire 14-day observation period. Hostinger backs its performance with a solid guarantee of a 99.9% server uptime rate, instilling confidence that you can rely on Hostinger to keep your website consistently accessible.

A Great Host

Hostinger stands out as a versatile web hosting provider, delivering impressive uptime and top-notch customer service. Offering a blend of traditional and cloud-based hosting, it provides a user-friendly experience. Notably, Hostinger caters to gaming enthusiasts with its game-oriented VPS servers, offering a unique approach for exploring sandbox or competitive video games.

While Hostinger’s omission of dedicated servers slightly diminishes the overall experience, its robust cloud hosting compensates for this limitation. However, for those specifically seeking high-powered dedicated web hosting, the Editors’ Choice, AccuWeb, emerges as an excellent option. AccuWeb not only boasts outstanding dedicated hosting plans but also supports Windows servers and provides telephone-based support, enhancing the hosting experience.

Hostinger Web Hosting pros and cons

Two CPU cores, two gigabytes of NVMe storage, and limitless data transfers every month.


  • Hostinger offers high-quality, budget-friendly plans.
  • The customer service is notably helpful.
  • The performance in uptime testing is excellent.
  • Optional Minecraft servers cater to gaming enthusiasts.
  • It includes the Hostinger Website Builder for added convenience.


  • Hostinger lacks dedicated web hosting options.
  • Some plans do not provide a Windows hosting option.
  • Phone support is not available.
  • The base shared hosting plan offers only one email account.

Final Thought

Hostinger stands out as a commendable web hosting provider, offering an attractive blend of affordability, reliable uptime, and exceptional customer service. Its range of hosting options caters to a diverse audience, from small businesses to gaming enthusiasts. The absence of dedicated hosting may be a drawback for some, but Hostinger compensates with robust alternatives such as VPS and cloud hosting.

The Hostinger Website Builder, powered by innovative AI functionalities, adds a unique touch to the user experience, making website creation more accessible and efficient. The emphasis on e-commerce tools and robust security measures further enhances its appeal for those looking to establish a secure and successful online presence.

While the customer support team excels in responsiveness and knowledge, the lack of phone support may be a consideration for those who prefer that communication channel. Nevertheless, the 24/7 web chat support proves effective and convenient.

Hostinger’s excellent uptime performance during testing reinforces its reliability, with a solid guarantee of 99.9% server uptime. Whether you’re a novice looking to launch your first website or an experienced user seeking cost-effective hosting solutions, Hostinger offers a versatile and user-friendly platform.

In summary, Hostinger’s strengths outweigh its limitations, making it a great choice for individuals and businesses seeking a reliable and budget-friendly web hosting solution.

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