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Flatlogic Lifetime Deal: AI-Powered Custom Code for Your Business

Flatlogic Lifetime Deal

Unlock the future of software development with the Flatlogic Lifetime Deal! Picture a realm where crafting custom code is as effortless as composing an email. With Flatlogic Generator, that realm is now within reach. Bid farewell to agonizing hours of coding and exorbitant expenses. This groundbreaking AI platform empowers you to fashion and implement tailored software across various platforms effortlessly. In this discourse, we shall explore how the Flatlogic Lifetime Deal can liberate your time, finances, and worries, all while furnishing top-tier software solutions molded to your specifications. Embrace a streamlined development process and boundless opportunities with Flatlogic!

What Exactly is Flatlogic?

Flatlogic stands as a pioneering AI platform engineered to redefine the landscape of software development. It serves as your ultimate ally in swiftly and effectively generating bespoke code. Whether you are launching a healthcare SaaS startup, a CRM specialized for real estate, or an e-learning hub, Flatlogic grants you the capability to craft customized software solutions that seamlessly adapt to scaling requirements. Boasting an intuitive interface and commands in plain English, Flatlogic simplifies the development journey, sparing you countless hours and substantial financial outlays.


Users gravitate towards Flatlogic for its unrivaled user-friendliness and cost-efficient advantages. By harnessing the power of AI, Flatlogic obviates the necessity for intricate coding prowess, thus enabling anyone to fashion custom software code with ease. From fledgling startups to corporate giants, Flatlogic caters to entities of all magnitudes, offering a streamlined development process and effortless cloud deployment. With Flatlogic, seize command of your software development odyssey, fashion tailor-made solutions, and propel your enterprise forward with unwavering confidence.

Flatlogic Features

Unveiling the trailblazing AI platform revolutionizing the realm of software development. Equipped with an intuitive interface and commands articulated in plain English, Flatlogic empowers users to effortlessly generate bespoke code for their software ventures. From expeditious code generation to seamless cloud deployment, Flatlogic presents an exhaustive array of features devised to streamline the development trajectory. Delve below for an in-depth elucidation of Flatlogic’s innovative functionalities.

Intuitive Interface:

Flatlogic showcases a user-centric interface that renders software development accessible to all, regardless of coding expertise. Its intuitive design facilitates seamless navigation through the platform, rendering the task of crafting custom code a breeze.

Plain English Commands:

With Flatlogic, crafting custom software code is as simple as articulating commands in plain English. Merely input your software particulars, including name, description, and user narratives to furnish context, and allow the AI platform to handle the rest. This pioneering feature obviates the need for intricate coding acumen, empowering users to breathe life into their software concepts effortlessly.

Expedited Code Generation:

Bid adieu to protracted waits spanning weeks or even months for custom code development. Flatlogic Generator expedites the development process by generating distinctive data models within minutes. From data entities to display configurations and fields, Flatlogic automates the coding process, preserving users’ invaluable time and resources.

Cloud Deployment:

With a mere click of a button, Flatlogic orchestrates the automatic deployment of your web-based software to the cloud. Wave farewell to the hassle of manual deployment and extend a warm welcome to instantaneous accessibility. Within moments, both frontend and backend databases are operational, poised to cater to your user base.

Role-Based Access Control:

Flatlogic extends role-based access control, empowering users to administer their software systems with precision. Whether you assume the mantle of a super admin, admin, or general user, you wield access to functionalities and entities tailored to your role. This feature safeguards sensitive data and ensures that users exclusively encounter content pertinent to their roles.

REST API Generation:

Facilitating integration with third-party utilities has never been simpler, courtesy of Flatlogic’s REST API generation feature. The platform autonomously generates a REST API, facilitating seamless integration with external systems and services. Whether necessitating connectivity with analytics tools, payment gateways, or CRM platforms, Flatlogic rises to the occasion.

Custom Chart and Widget Generation:

Yearning to visualize data or incorporate interactive elements into your software? Flatlogic stands prepared to cater to your needs. Simply articulate your requisites in plain English, and the platform will promptly generate custom charts and widgets. From pie charts to bar graphs and interactive dashboards, Flatlogic empowers users to fabricate visually striking applications effortlessly.

Ownership of Source Code:

Foremost among the myriad advantages of employing Flatlogic is the retention of full ownership over the source code. Diverging from platforms that might curtail access or exert control, Flatlogic affords users the liberty to download, modify, and entirely own their code, devoid of any encumbrances. This degree of flexibility and autonomy ensures that users exercise complete command over their software development odyssey.

Flatlogic Lifetime Deal Plans And Features

  • Lifetime Access to Flatlogic Generator: Gain unlimited access to Flatlogic Generator for life, allowing you to generate custom code effortlessly.
  • All Future Updates for Individual and Professional Plans: Enjoy all future updates for both the Individual (Tiers 1-3) and Professional (Tier 4) plans at no extra cost.
  • Seamless Transition with Plan Name Changes: If the plan name undergoes a change, your deal will seamlessly transition to the new plan along with all associated updates.
  • No Codes, No Stacking—Just Flexible Plans: Simply select the plan that suits your needs without the hassle of using codes or stacking deals.
  • Activate Your License Within 60 Days: Ensure to activate your license within 60 days of purchase to unlock the full benefits.
  • Flexible License Tier Upgrades and Downgrades: Adjust your license tier as needed while the deal is active, with the option to upgrade or downgrade between the four available tiers.
  • GDPR Compliance: Rest assured that your data is handled in compliance with GDPR regulations, prioritizing your privacy and security.
  • Exclusive Offer for New Flatlogic Users: This deal is exclusively available for new users who do not already have existing Flatlogic accounts.
  • Risk-Free Trial with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Try out Flatlogic risk-free for two months with our money-back guarantee, ensuring it’s the right fit for you before committing.

Flatlogic Lifetime Deal Features included in all plans

  • 100 deployments per account per month: Deploy your applications up to 100 times each month without any extra charges.
  • Text-to-app: Easily convert text into fully functional applications.
  • AI-powered analytics: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence for insightful analytics.
  • Zero-configuration hosting: Hassle-free hosting setup with zero configuration needed.
  • Text-to-chart/text-to-widget: Transform text data into interactive charts or widgets effortlessly.
  • CRUD tool access: Utilize CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) tools for efficient data management.
  • Commercial use allowed: Use the platform for commercial purposes without any restrictions.
  • High-quality JS code: Access high-quality JavaScript code for robust and efficient applications.
  • Downloading and pushing to GitHub: Seamlessly download and push your code to GitHub repositories.
  • AWS hosting: Host your applications on Amazon Web Services for reliability and scalability.
  • All front-end options (React, Angular, Vue): Choose from a variety of front-end frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.js.
  • All backend options (Node.js, Laravel): Select backend frameworks like Node.js and Laravel for backend development.
  • All database options (PostgreSQL, MySQL): Enjoy flexibility with various database options including PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Share: Easily share your applications with others.
  • Flatlogic Generator: Utilize the Flatlogic Generator to generate custom code tailored to your business needs.
  • One-time payment. Lifetime deal: Opt for a lifetime deal with a one-time payment to save time and money on development.
  • No reviews yet, be the first!: Be the first to review the product.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: Try the product risk-free with a 60-day money-b

Appsumo Flatlogic Lifetime Deal Pricing Plans

License Tier 1
One-time purchase of
All features above included
2 apps
Custom domain
Own the source code of each app

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Final thought

The Flatlogic Lifetime Deal presents a game-changing opportunity for businesses of all sizes to streamline their software development process. By offering intuitive features, rapid code generation, and seamless deployment to the cloud, Flatlogic empowers users to create custom software solutions with ease. Don’t miss out on this chance to save time, money, and headaches – seize the Flatlogic Lifetime Deal today and unlock endless possibilities for your business.

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