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Buff Review 2023: Unveiling the Truth – Legit or Scam?

Buff Review

If you’re looking to generate income through gaming, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of options available today.

One avenue worth exploring is the multitude of apps that offer monetary rewards for playing games. Whether you’re a fan of mobile or PC gaming, this straightforward approach can transform your hobby into a profitable side venture.

Among the newer entrants in the realm of gaming rewards is Buff Gaming.

Buff Gaming presents an opportunity to earn money by playing popular games like Fortnite, Valorant, and Counter-Strike. Additionally, you can accumulate rewards simply by engaging in gameplay, making it a form of passive income.

However, before you dive in, it’s important to determine the legitimacy of Buff Gaming and understand the potential earnings that gamers can expect from this rewards platform.

In our comprehensive Buff Gaming review, we delve into its features, highlight the pros and cons, and ultimately assess the platform’s legitimacy, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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These options provide convenient and efficient ways to supplement your income while making the most of your available time.

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What is Buff?

What is Buff

Buff is a loyalty program designed specifically for gamers, providing them with the opportunity to play their favorite PC and mobile games while earning valuable rewards. Elay De Beer, the CEO of Buff, describes it as “a loyalty program for gamers built on top of blockchain, enabling gamers to earn something.”

In essence, Buff shares similarities with companies like PlayVig, where players can earn rewards for their gaming activities and by submitting their best gameplay clips. The Buff platform boasts an impressive user base, with over 450,000 active daily players engaging in more than 3 million matches each day.

Buff offers an extensive selection of games, including popular titles such as Apex Legends, CS GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, and PUBG.

Unlike apps like Mistplay, which primarily compensate users for specific in-game achievements or leveling up, Buff takes a more passive approach. The concept is simple: download Buff Gaming, let it run in the background on your computer or phone, and gradually accumulate rewards for your gaming endeavors.

How Does Buff Work?

When it comes to making money through playing video games, numerous companies, like Buff, emerge in the market. However, the notion of receiving free money simply for gaming often raises skepticism, as these opportunities can sometimes prove too good to be true.

In this Buff review, we delve into the mechanics of this gaming rewards platform and evaluate its effectiveness in providing worthwhile rewards. Our aim is to determine whether it is a viable option for earning rewards and making the most of your gaming experience.

Sign Up & Download Buff To begin your Buff journey,

the first step is to download the Buff app onto your Windows device or grab the mobile app designed for Android or iOS platforms.

It’s worth noting that Buff predominantly caters to PC games, offering an extensive library of titles in that realm. If your goal is to earn rewards through mobile games, alternatives like Drop and Mistplay may be more suitable options.

Here are the system requirements for Buff on Windows:

Operating System: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, and Windows 10. Storage Space: A mere 50MB. CPU: If your computer can smoothly run the supported video games on Buff, your CPU should meet the requirements. RAM: At least 4GB of RAM is recommended, although Buff suggests opting for 8GB for optimal performance.

Once the Buff app is successfully downloaded, you can proceed to create an account and synchronize it with your actual Buff account. It’s important to note that Buff is available worldwide, but international users may encounter occasional issues if they utilize non-U.S. servers. In such cases, reaching out to the support team is advised for prompt assistance.

Play Video Games to Earn Buff Points While indulging in your gaming sessions

Play Video Games to Earn Buff Points While indulging in your gaming sessions,

Buff seamlessly operates in the background, rewarding you with Buff points for your gameplay.

The number of Buff points you accumulate is contingent upon your performance. Factors such as an impressive KD ratio, match outcomes, and overall game mastery contribute to higher point earnings. To track your in-game progress, Buff utilizes the secure Overwolf technology, which leverages APIs from Buff’s game partners.

Rest assured, Buff’s software has been designed to have minimal impact on game performance, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite video games without any noticeable disruptions. Buff supports an array of popular titles, including:

  • CS: GO
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Valorant
  • Rainbow 6
  • Minecraft
  • Overwatch
  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • Apex Legends
  • Rocket League
  • Hearthstone

Additionally, Buff offers a limited mobile games section, featuring games such as Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale. However, it’s important to note that Buff primarily caters to PC gamers, rendering the mobile section less impactful at present.

As stated by Buff, their software solely collects data pertaining to in-game performance and achievements. Your personal computer data remains untouched, as Buff holds no interest in any other information beyond the realm of gaming.

Cash Out As you engage in gaming

the Buff points you earn gradually accumulate in your account. These points serve as the currency that you can utilize within Buff’s Marketplace to redeem various rewards.

Buff offers a diverse range of reward options, including:

  • Free gift cards
  • Free Steam codes
  • Gaming hardware like headsets and mice
  • Free Google Play credit
  • In-game skins
  • In-game currency for popular games like Apex Legends and League of Legends
  • Buff gaming rewards

The selection of gift cards is quite substantial, featuring reputable options such as Amazon, Domino’s, Xbox, and Steam.

Typically, most $5 gift cards require around 600 Buff points. Other rewards, like Steam codes or in-game perks, typically range from 900 to 1,500 Buff points.

It’s important to note that the time required to accumulate enough points for cashing out will depend on your gaming frequency and performance. In essence, Buff can be utilized as an enjoyable side hustle for occasional rewards. However, it’s essential to manage expectations realistically—don’t anticipate earning substantial sums like $100 per day solely through this app.

Is Buff Legit?

Indeed, Buff is a legitimate platform that offers the opportunity to earn passive rewards for your gaming endeavors. However, it’s important to note that the app’s payout rates may not be particularly high, which means it might take some time before you can actually cash out your rewards. While Buff provides a fun and enjoyable way to earn money while gaming, it’s crucial to have realistic expectations and understand that it won’t make you wealthy overnight.

Negative reviews of Buff often stem from users who had higher expectations regarding their earnings. Additionally, some individuals may have concerns regarding the safety of using Buff.

Fortunately, in Buff’s FAQ section, the company explicitly states, “We declare unequivocally that the BUFF app has no malicious properties of any kind.” Furthermore, Buff generates revenue through Buff Premium subscriptions and advertisements, which users can voluntarily engage with to earn additional Buff points. This transparency indicates that Buff does not resort to any questionable practices to generate income.

In summary, if you’re interested in earning video game rewards passively, you can give Buff a try. However, it’s essential to recognize that this application is unlikely to generate substantial earnings like $1,000 per day or anything of the sort.

Is Buff a Scam?

Rest assured, Buff is not a scam. If you accumulate a sufficient number of points, you can indeed redeem them for the rewards available. Numerous online payment proofs and positive reviews from users further validate Buff’s legitimacy. However, it’s worth noting that cashing out rewards may take some time, and occasionally, certain items may be temporarily out of stock on the Buff marketplace.

In my view, Buff remains a trustworthy platform and enjoys significant popularity as a gaming rewards website. Nevertheless, it is crucial to maintain realistic expectations regarding the payout amounts one can expect from the platform.

How Much Does Buff Pay?

Curious about the earning potential with Buff? Well, it appears that dedicated gamers can typically accrue around $5 to $15 worth of Buff points per month.

A Reddit user named Kenny328 shared their experience in a thread, mentioning that they managed to accumulate approximately $15 worth of Riot Points over a two-month period. Here’s an excerpt from Kenny328’s comment:

“It’s legit, but don’t expect substantial amounts. Personally, I usually cash out in Riot Points for League of Legends. It takes me around two months to accumulate $15 worth of riot points.”

This earning range aligns with the common trend observed in the realm of gaming reward apps, where it’s realistic to anticipate earning between $1 and $10 per month in terms of Buff points.

Naturally, the amount you can earn depends on factors such as the time you dedicate to gaming and your performance within the games themselves.

Buff Premium For those seeking an expedited path to earning rewards

Buff Premium offers an enticing option. Priced at $2.99 per month, Buff Premium provides access to a range of perks, including:

  • An additional 50% boost in earnings
  • 50 extra Buff points awarded each month
  • Exclusive marketplace items and enticing discounts
  • Access to a dedicated Buff Discord channel
  • Engaging raffles where bonus prizes await lucky winners

If you find yourself investing substantial amounts of time in gaming, Buff Premium might be a valuable consideration. Take into account how the earning acceleration provided by Buff Premium can enhance your ability to accumulate Buff points efficiently.

Buff Pay – An Innovative Gaming Debit Card An exciting addition to Buff’s offerings is Buff Pay, a debit rewards card tailored specifically for gamers. This card, which carries no annual fee, presents a range of enticing benefits, including:

  • 3% cash back on all purchases, awarded in the form of Buffs
  • A generous $100 bonus after achieving a minimum spending threshold of $1,000 with the card
  • A complimentary $5 gift card upon making a $50 deposit
  • An additional $15 gift card after spending at least $500 using the card

Buff Pay also provides boosted cash back for gaming and entertainment purchases, as well as any in-app purchases made through Buff. Furthermore, bonus cash back for subscriptions is expected to be introduced in the near future.

Undoubtedly, the primary allure of this card lies in its cash-back rewards. The earned Buffs can be redeemed for a diverse selection of free gift cards, including popular brands like Amazon, DoorDash, EA Games, Fortnite, Valorant, and Xbox.

The sign-up bonus further enhances the attractiveness of this offering, making it worthy of consideration for those in search of a new rewards card.

While I personally prefer utilizing a standard cash-back credit card, as it allows for the redemption of cash back as statement credit, it is commendable that Buff continues to introduce new features and services to enhance its platform.

Pros and Cons


  • Earn money effortlessly while enjoying your favorite games
  • Wide range of popular PC games to choose from
  • Abundance of reward options to redeem
  • Availability of mobile games for additional earning opportunities
  • Accessible in numerous countries worldwide
  • Regular addition of new games to keep the selection fresh


  • Earnings from Buff may not be substantial
  • Occasional unavailability of certain rewards due to stock limitations
  • For more options, you may consider exploring “The 10+ Best Game Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal.”

By weighing the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about utilizing Buff as a means to earn rewards while gaming.

Other Buff Reviews After personally downloading and testing Buff

In addition to the Reddit threads I mentioned earlier, here are some reviews from Trustpilot users sharing their experiences with Buff:

Tim Engelbrecht says: “The Buff app is great, but there are a few issues. Firstly, everything is consistently out of stock. Secondly, there are no items in the marketplace for the games we are being rewarded for playing.” George says: “I have received numerous rewards from them, purchased premium at one point, and received over $30-$40 worth of RP cards.” Lucas Colucci says: “I love this app, and it’s incredibly easy to earn free money. The premium version is affordable and helps you earn money faster!” Angel Murillo says: “One thing I don’t like is the lack of product availability and some items not being accessible in my country. For example, redeeming Steam codes in MX.” Luqo Boulem says: “Absolutely terrible experience. It used to run smoothly at 144 fps, but now I struggle to reach 80 fps, and I can’t even uninstall it. Thank you, Buff, for ruining my Valorant experience. It takes ages to earn just a £10 gift card, and even when available, it’s often sold out, requiring a premium membership.”

As evident from these reviews, opinions on Buff vary, with some users expressing satisfaction while others mention concerns about rewards being out of stock or the time it takes to earn them.

Buff holds an overall rating of 4.3 stars on Trustpilot, indicating its popularity among users. However, it is crucial to maintain realistic expectations regarding the potential earnings.

YouTuber urnotjustin also provides a comprehensive Buff gaming review, covering how Buff functions, its pros and cons, and the utilization of the Buff Pay card.

Based on my own experience, Buff offers a convenient way to earn money passively while gaming. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that it may take some time to cash out your first reward, and occasionally prizes may be unavailable.

For further reading, you can explore “The Highest Paying Apps.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Buff generates revenue through various channels. This includes monthly subscriptions to Buff Premium, display ads within its software dashboard, and the introduction of the Buff Pay debit card. The company is consistently expanding its range of products and services to diversify its income streams.

Based on my personal experience, Buff appears to be a safe platform. I encountered no malware or any concerning issues when downloading its software. Additionally, Buff assures users that its software has minimal impact on computer performance while gaming, which is an encouraging factor.

However, it is ultimately up to you to determine if Buff is worth using. Keep in mind that the potential earnings from this gaming rewards platform typically range from $1 to $10 per month. Consider whether this level of income aligns with your expectations.

While some users have reported successfully earning rewards through Buff, there are also complaints about extended delays in cashing out and frequently out-of-stock rewards on the website. It appears that Buff may work for certain gamers, but the earning process can be slow. It is important to have realistic expectations regarding the platform’s performance.

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