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userhq lifetime deal

Automate personalized, multi-channel messages to boost customer engagement

License Tier 1 : $39

Userhq Lifetime Deal Review in 2024

Last Update July 07, 2024

If you’re on the hunt for a lifetime deal on or in need of a thorough review of the platform, you’ve come to the right place for the most up-to-date information. AppSumo is your exclusive source for lifetime deals on If you’re interested in securing a userhq lifetime deal for through AppSumo, I strongly urge you to explore it without delay.

userhq lifetime deal Review

Introducing, a cutting-edge messaging automation solution designed to empower you in creating automated messaging workflows for delivering personalized emails, push notifications, app inbox messages, and SMS directly to your valued customer base.

What sets apart

Multi-Channel Messaging: Seamlessly send messages to your users via email and app inbox, meeting them wherever they are.

Multi-Language Support: Craft messages that resonate with each individual user by communicating in their native language.

User-Timezone Messaging: Ensure your messages arrive at the most opportune moment by sending them in each user’s respective timezone.

Advanced Analytics and Logs: Gain deep insights into every aspect of your flows and broadcasts, keeping you informed about all activities.

User Segmentation: Harness the power of unique user attributes and data to tailor your messages effectively.

Broadcasts: Enhance user engagement by sending data-powered newsletters and announcements to your audience.

Why Choose a Lifetime Userhq Lifetime Deal Solution?

Opting for a lifetime backup solution offers a multitude of benefits compared to traditional subscription-based backup services. Firstly, it eliminates the need for monthly or annual payments, resulting in significant cost savings over the long term. Users only need to make a single payment for seamless data backup and storage that lasts a lifetime.

Secondly, a lifetime backup solution ensures uninterrupted data protection. There’s no risk of forgetting to renew a subscription or experiencing service disruptions due to missed payments.

Lastly, a lifetime backup solution provides flexibility and convenience. Users have complete control over managing and accessing their backups at their convenience, without relying on an active subscription. This is particularly advantageous for individuals and businesses seeking autonomy in their data storage and backup strategies.

What are userhq features and how do they work?

create automated messaging flows based on unique user data empowers you to effortlessly construct automated messaging flows tailored to individual user data. With the capabilities of, you gain the ability to disseminate messages through a diverse array of channels, encompassing email, in-app messages, and SMS.

Our user-friendly visual flow builder is your ticket to crafting intricate messaging sequences that foster meaningful user engagement and forge valuable connections—all of this, without the need for any coding skills!

Additionally, you have the option to automate message deployment by defining triggers, such as when a user enters a specific segment or performs a particular event. This ensures a smooth and continuous journey for users as they progress through your sales funnel.

Connect with your users through various communication channels, including email and SMS.

Do you have an international audience? Our tool provides multi-language support for nearly 200 major languages, ensuring you can effectively communicate in their native tongue.

Furthermore, you’ll receive detailed insights for every message you send, offering a comprehensive view of results at the account, message, and user levels.

Take your personalized message workflows to the next level by utilizing flow conditionals and delays to create even more engaging interactions.

Deliver messages to your global audience in their preferred language effortlessly.

With, you can also schedule automated messages to align with individual timezones, ensuring they reach the user’s inbox at the most opportune moment.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to respond to user interactions, data modifications, and events, such as sending birthday greetings or reminding them about subscription renewals.

Automation possibilities extend to both B2B and B2C scenarios, encompassing marketing, onboarding, and the dissemination of important announcements.

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Sending messages based on timezone

Engaging with your customers shouldn’t be a mystical endeavor. (“No need to cast spells to win them over!”)

That’s where comes in, making the process of sending automated emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS a breeze.

Strengthen your connections.

Secure lifetime access to today!

userhq pricing plan

userhq pricing plan

This is the main pricing plan. The main pricing plan is very expensive. But no need to worry Appsumo is offering lifetime deals at many chip prices.

Get a lifetime deal for just $39. Below are more details about Userhq Lifetime Deal feature.

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Terms and Conditions of Appsumo userhq Lifetime Deal

  • Gain lifetime access to
  • Enjoy all future updates for the Popular Plan.
  • In case of a Plan name change, your deal will seamlessly transition to the new Plan name along with all associated updates.
  • No need for codes, and stacking is not applicable—simply select the plan that suits your needs.
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of your purchase.
  • You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between the 3 available license tiers.
  • Rest assured, we are GDPR compliant.
  • This offer is exclusively available for new users without existing accounts.
  • We stand by our product with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for two months to ensure it meets your needs!

Appsumo userhq Lifetime Deal Features incorporated into every plan

  • User segmentation
  • Unlimited customer data storage
  • Robust analytics and logs
  • Multilingual support
  • User-specific timezone messaging
  • Seamless SMTP email assistance
  • SMS functionality (utilizing the user’s Twilio account)
  • Advanced flow automation capabilities
  • Ability to craft and store flow templates, as well as email templates
  • Versatile channel support, encompassing email, SMS, push notifications, and app inbox, with the inclusion of any upcoming channels in the future.

Appsumo userhq Lifetime Deal

License Tier 1

userhq Appsumo Lifetime Deal
$ $39 One-time purchase
  • All features above included
  • 5,000 contacts
  • 5 team members
  • 50,000 messages per month
  • 150,000 monthly API events
  • Remove "Powered by" branding

Exclusive 10% Discount for the AppSumo userhq lifetime deal

Appsumo lifetime deal 10% off

As a valued new customer, we are thrilled to offer you a special 10% discount. Claiming this offer is a breeze. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  • Visit the AppSumo userhq lifetime deal page.
  • Keep an eye out for the discount popup on the page.
  • Enter your email address to access the discount page and unlock exclusive benefits (please use the same email ID throughout the process).

Once you’ve completed these steps, a 10% discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.

Please be aware that our lifetime deals have limited availability, typically lasting only a few weeks. If any of our products catch your eye, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity promptly. We regularly update and assess products with lifetime deals, including our newest addition, the Anydo Lifetime Deal.

userhq Review | Final Thoughts

In conclusion, offers an array of impressive features, making it a top choice for those seeking messaging automation and personalized communication with users. With multi-channel messaging, multi-language support, and user-specific timezone messaging, it caters to diverse audiences seamlessly. The advanced analytics, user segmentation, and automation capabilities enhance user engagement and provide valuable insights.

Additionally, the lifetime deal offered by AppSumo presents a cost-effective solution for users, eliminating the hassle of monthly or annual payments and ensuring uninterrupted data protection. The flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between license tiers and the GDPR compliance further enhance its appeal.

In a world where effective communication is paramount, stands as a valuable tool to connect with users and strengthen relationships. So, whether you’re a business or an individual, the advantages of this messaging automation solution are evident. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore it through the exclusive AppSumo deal and enhance your messaging strategies today.

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Lifetime deal

Automate personalized, multi-channel messages to boost customer engagement

Select A Plan

License Tier 1 : $39

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Lifetime deal

Automate personalized, multi-channel messages to boost customer engagement

Select a plan

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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