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Partnero Lifetime Deal


White label and customize your own affiliate or referral programs to boost revenue

License Tier 1 : $59

Partnero Lifetime Deal: White Label & Customize Affiliate Programs 2024

Last Update July 16, 2024

As the return on ad spend dwindles, it’s imperative to explore fresh avenues for boosting revenue. 

Considering the establishment of your partnership program could be a strategic move. However, the challenge lies in effectively overseeing every component independently, as doing so might lead to unintended consequences.

Imagine the convenience of having a platform that simplifies the process of constructing, overseeing, and expanding affiliate or referral programs involving numerous partners.

Allow us to introduce Partnero Lifetime Deal, your solution to streamline these operations.

    Quick Overview:

    Ideal for

    • Ecommerce
    • Marketing agencies
    • SaaS

    Seamless Integrations with

    • Mailchimp
    • PayPal
    • Shopify
    • Stripe
    • WooCommerce

    Highlighted Features:

    • GDPR-compliant
    • White label
    • CNAME support

    What Is Partnero?

    Partnero stands out as a robust partnership management platform designed to empower businesses in achieving sustainable revenue growth through tailor-made partner programs. Take control of your affiliate initiatives by personalizing programs and deciding when and how partners receive commissions for their efforts.

    Whether you prefer fixed or percentage-based commissions, Partnero supports payouts in any currency. Additionally, you have the flexibility to determine the commission duration, ranging from a few days to a lifetime.

    With Partnero, you have the freedom to link a custom domain, allowing for a more branded experience. Tailor affiliate tracking links and control cookie duration to suit your unique needs.

    Moreover, Partnero extends its versatility to the creation of referral programs. Define custom reward structures, set the duration, outline the next steps, and establish triggers to fine-tune your referral initiatives.

    Empower Your Network with Partnero's Tailored Affiliate Solutions

    Empower Your Network with Partnero's Tailored Affiliate Solutions

    Craft personalized affiliate or referral programs complete with bespoke commissions, tracking links, and a host of other features!

    Partnero provides:

    • The flexibility to white label the partner portal.
    • Allowing you to infuse your brand’s identity seamlessly—from the dashboard to the login page.
    • Incorporating your distinctive colors and fonts.

    Initiate a streamlined onboarding process using approval forms and informative onboarding cards. Extend a warm welcome to new partners by sharing crucial information and contact details and clarifying the next steps.

    Effortlessly equip your partners for success by uploading promotional assets, banners, links, and any other essential resources they might need.

    To ensure your partners stay informed and engaged, Partnero facilitates email notifications for new sign-ups, sales, and payouts, keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments.

    Empower Partner Portals: Seamless White-labeling, Automated Payouts, and Flexible Scheduling

    Empower Partner Portals

    Personalize every aspect, from the dashboard to login pages, within your partner portals with seamless white labeling.

    Bid farewell to the hassle of manual partner payments and welcome a new era of timely and consistent partner payouts!

    Integrate effortlessly with PayPal Mass Pay or Wise-Pay for automated payouts, ensuring secure, swift, and cost-effective bulk payments.

    What’s more, enjoy the flexibility to schedule payouts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with the added convenience of reviewing or automatically approving requests.

    In the event you use a different payment processor, Partners simplifies the process by generating a downloadable file. This file can be effortlessly uploaded to any processor for seamless partner payments, without the need for intricate integrations!

    Optimize Partner Compensation: Automated Payouts and Real-Time Analytics Simplified

    Automated Payouts and Real-Time Analytics Simplified

    Establish automated payouts to ensure your partners receive timely and consistent compensation every time.

    Partnero simplifies the process of tracking real-time analytics for your programs, providing valuable insights into what’s effective and what requires adjustment.

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of data on link clicks, sales, and sign-ups, complemented by individual reports for each unique affiliate link.

    For those managing multiple programs, Partnero offers the convenience of aggregated data across all programs. This allows you to monitor and assess the overall performance of your brand effortlessly.

    Optimize Earnings: Track Clicks, Sales, and Sign-ups with Partnero Analytics

    Sign-ups with Partnero Analytics

    Monitor link clicks, sales, and sign-ups effortlessly with real-time program analytics.

    While effective ads play a role, there’s no denying the power of direct referrals in maximizing your earnings. (“Hold on, an actual person vouches for this? Count me in!”)

    Fortunately, Partnero comes equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, ensuring you have everything necessary to establish, oversee, and expand your affiliate or referral programs.

    Forge partnerships that yield substantial returns.

    Secure your access to Partnero Lifetime Deal today!

    Subscription Details & Features: Partnero Lifetime Deal

    • Clear Terms & Conditions
    • Enjoy a Lifetime Access to Partnero
    • Receive All Future Updates for the Partner Plan
    • Seamless Transition: In case of a Plan name change, your deal will smoothly align with the new Plan, encompassing all associated updates.
    • No Complicated Codes or Stacking—Simply choose the Plan that suits your needs.
    • License Activation Window: Ensure you activate your license within 60 days of purchase.
    • Flexible License Tiers: Upgrade or downgrade effortlessly among the three available license tiers.
    • GDPR Compliance: Your data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with GDPR standards.
    • Exclusive Offer: Reserved for new Partnero users without existing accounts.
    • Transparent Pricing: Partnero does not impose additional transaction fees for partner payouts conducted through PayPal Mass Pay.
    • Recognized Excellence: Display the award badge proudly.
    • Risk-Free Trial: Benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee. Take a two-month trial to confirm that Partnero aligns perfectly with your requirements!

    Comprehensive Features Across All Plans: Partnero Lifetime Deal

    • Inclusive of All Current and Future Program Types: Affiliate Program, Referral Program, Newsletter Referral Programs
    • Limitless Transactions and Revenue Generation
    • Unrestricted Visitor Access
    • Personalized Partner Portal: White-labeled with Custom Domain
    • Partner Portal Customization: Code Injection and Translations
    • Advanced Partner Portal Features: Tracking and SEO Settings
    • User-Friendly Dashboard with Detailed Data Reports
    • Adaptive Rewards System and Individualized Partner Commissions
    • Real-Time Multi-Currency Conversion Capability
    • Flexible Payout Scheduling and Bulk Payouts
    • Effortless Automation of Reward Fulfillment: Dynamic Coupons, Amazon Gift Cards, and PDF Books
    • Seamless Integration with ESPs (Email Service Providers)
    • Branded Email Subscriber Portal and Form with White-Labeling
    • Robust API and Webhooks for Enhanced Connectivity

    Partnero Lifetime Deal Pricing plan

    License Tier 1

    Partnero Appsumo Lifetime Deal
    $ $59 One-time purchase
    • All features above included
    • 1 partnership programs
    • 1 team members
    • 5,000 newsletter subscribers per program
    • Unlimited referrals
    • Unlimited partners/affiliates
    • Unlimited custom tracking domains

    Final Thoughts

    In the ever-evolving landscape of revenue generation, the Partnero Lifetime Deal emerges as a beacon for businesses seeking innovative solutions. Streamlining affiliate and referral programs, Partnero offers unparalleled flexibility—whether it’s tailoring commissions, setting durations, or personalizing the partner portal. The platform’s white-labeling prowess extends from dashboards to login pages, reinforcing brand identity. Automated payouts, real-time analytics, and a robust toolkit empower businesses to optimize earnings. The Partnero Lifetime Deal, priced at a mere $59, unlocks a treasure trove of features, making it a strategic, cost-effective investment. Secure your access today and embark on a journey of sustained growth and profitability.

    The Prosper Lifetime Deal. Take advantage of this offer!

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    Lifetime deal

    White label and customize your own affiliate or referral programs to boost revenue

    Select A Plan

    License Tier 1 : $59

    60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!


    Lifetime deal

    White label and customize your own affiliate or referral programs to boost revenue

    Select a plan

    60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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